English Language(text of Orals)Objective


3 ) Illegal falling of trees refers to the felling of
trees on a massive scale without any simultaneous efforts aimed
at replacing them often resulting in damage to the quality of the
land .
Environmental impacts of illegal falling of trees includeismanage
Loss of revenue undermines efforts to place the forest
sector on a more sustainable footing , as lost revenue
cannot be reinvested in the sector . Furthermore , because illegal
logging is often unsustainable , future sources of employment and
export revenues are not realised . Illegal logging also distorts
global markets and undermines incentives for sustainable forest
management , as illegal timber is often cheaper than legal timber .
The social impacts of illegal logging are diverse . Illegal logging
undermines the rule of law and is often associated with corruption
It may also entail a lack of recognition of the land and resource
use rights of forest communities , or of the rights of other
concessions holders . This can have negative impacts on the
livelihoods of local people and result in conflict . The revenues
from illegal logging may also fund national and regional conflicts ,
as has been the case in Liberia .
Illegal falling of trees could be solved by
1 . Reforestation : This will involve an intentional
and decisive plan to plant trees in order to
replace the ones already lost . This effort can be
driven by both the government and private
individuals. In 2005, about 1 million hectares of
land had been reforested in Nigeria. The
National Environmental Standards and
Regulations Agency ( NESREA ) has been
empowered by law to tackle this project.
2 . Protection of Existing Forest : The available
forests need to be protected jealously . The Government at all
levels have a huge role to play in this . Protection of the forest will
enforcement of logging regulation to restrict logging and
implement a compulsory “ plant a
tree program” for all loggers . The government
also needs to equip the existing forest guards with the necessary
tools and equipment with
which to do their job effectively and efficiently .
Strict penalties should also be put in place to
act as deterrent to would be defaulters.
(5 )
Meena was a little taken aback with the speed of Vineet’ s
marriage, but could not grudge him the happiness . She was
however a little impatient to take her relationship with Sanjay to
the next level . She started noticing that Sanjay was always a little
evasive about any talks about marriage. She soon confronted him
about it and gave him an ultimatum . He broke down and
confessed that he was a married man . He had married a rich but
ugly girl six years back . He said he had done this for money and
had signed an agreement with the girl’ s father promising to stay
married till such time they had a male child , in which case he
could divorce his wife and walk away with half the money.
Otherwise he would have to stay married to the girl till such time
that one of them died .
Meena was shocked and a little disgusted with Sanjay . She
realized that she had been foolish and fallen for empty flattery and
good looks . She was devastated to think that she had hurt a nice
person like Vineet for a shallow person like Sanjay , for whom the
sacred bond of marriage did not mean anything. As she walked off
from Sanjay she realized that ” A bird in hand is worth two in the
bush ” . The realization was however too little and too late .
(a) – The massive crowd that gathered under the big iroko tree.
(b) – He had assistance from three aides.
(c) – He definitely know the three guns were not loaded.
(d) – The American wanted to know if the show was real.
(e) – The man would have died.
(f) – it means the magician ran for his dear life.
(I) – Adjectival clause
(II) – It modifies the noun “feats”
(I) – Feats – Skills
(II) – aides – Assistance
(iii) – steadied – balanced
(iv) – mystified – surprised
(v) – Unscathed – Unharmed
(vi) – Hasty – Hurried
(I) – The individual (victim) is firstly affected as it challenges his
(ii) – The immediate family of the addict is not left out as they
suffer stigmatisation from the society.
(iii) – Drug addiction also affect the society as it may cause road
(I) – Children should be educated on the adverse effect of the drug
(II) – The dealers should be justify apprehended by the law
enforcement agents.
(iii) – The victim should be given proper treatment

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