JAMB 2018 UTME Experience For 9th March – Share Here

By now believe that most of the 2018 UTME candidates scheduled to take the exam today March 9th, 2018 must have been through with it.

You guys are the first set to sit 2018 JAMB Exams, other candidates awaiting their own date will be eager to know what the experience is like.

JAMB 2018 UTME Experience For 9th March - Share Here

They are counting on your experiences so they know what to expect.

– What was the verification process like?
– Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there?
– Was it the same set of questions for every candidates and were the questions arranged in the same manner for all the candidates?
– How many questions were asked in each of the subjects?
– Was the time enough for you?
– Did the system shut down automatically (for those whose time finished before they were able to finish)?
-Was there any technical issue you encountered during the examination?
– What are the things you think are out of place or commendable in this year’s UTME.

Share all of your experiences on the comment box. Remember to keep it as clear as possible.

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