Biafra: Reactions Over Free medical Program By Nigerian Soldiers

Students, parents desert Anambra schools as army commences medical outreach

Things has fallen apart in the southeast since the invasion and alleged killing of the Biafrans by the Nigerian soldiers.

Yesterday, there was a total panic in the five Southeast state, where schools were forced to shut down over the alleged forcing of injections on school children by Nigerian soldiers.

facebook user, Chizaram Oguibe has this to say;

“Trust is only earned. If you want people to trust you, earn it. I cannot watch you unleash terror and death on my brothers yesterday and today, you are here to save me. Such is the analogy of the unfolding events going on in Biafra land. Just few days ago, the Nigerian military killed innocent unarmed Biafran youths on the street because they were exercising their right for freedom. Today, the same Nigerian military is out there on a free medical program to immunize Biafran children. Wow! What is on your mind? Even if your medical program is initiated from heaven, how on earth do you believe that Biafran parents will allow their children to accept such? What are you thinking? This same period when you murdered their brothers in cold blood. Are you kidding me? And you want me to blame these parents or to label them with “paranoia.” Nope! I’m a health worker; I know what it takes to gain client’s trust and also to maintain it. You cannot kill my brother yesterday and save me today; nope and thank you! The minister of health should put on his thinking cap and address the nation if his ministry is behind this program; still it will not be easy to diffuse this tension. Moreover, people have the right to medical autonomy. In this case, parent’s consent is requred. This is my humble opinion! This is my take! I do not trust the Nigerian Military! They are crazy!”

Free medical program by Nigerian Military

Free medical program by Nigerian Military

Free medical program by Nigerian Military

Free medical program by Nigerian Militaryimage (4)


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