President Buhari Became Sick As A Result Of The Money Stolen In Nigeria – Sowore

The publisher, Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore has said
that President Muhammadu Buhari got sick when he saw how
much had been looted from Nigeria and that there is no more
corruption in Nigeria because there is nothing else to steal.
Sowore in his presentation at the Tracking Faulty Towers
workshop which held at the University of Kent, London
according to thecalbeng report said: “There is no corruption
in Nigeria anymore because there is nothing else to steal and
loot,” he said.
“When Buhari saw how much has been looted, he became
sick… We are happy that Nigeria is no longer among the ten
top countries in the world.”
“Western countries accepting Nigeria and other countries
stolen money should be the ones tagged corrupt,” he said.
“In my village, the custodian of stolen things is seen as the
main criminal… People cannot steal in western countries
because where to keep the stolen money is a challenge.
“The Western world made their system very difficult to steal
and loot money.”
He also commended Buhari for putting in place strict
measures to check corruption.
“Transferring money from abroad to Nigeria has a limit and
the charges are high but in Nigeria, we don’t have such until
Buhari came into power,” he said.
“We have the duty to challenge our leaders and the primitive
accumulation of wealth Nigeria.
“We need a serious re-orientation programme for the youth
on the belief of quick wealth accumulation through
corruption and crime. We need to let them know that the
only way is through honest means and hard work.”

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