59.22% pass Maths, English as WAEC releases results

Speaking at a press briefing held at its corporate office, Yaba, Lagos on
Monday, Head of National Office, Nigeria, Mr Olu Adenipekun said the
performance results recorded this year improved over the 2015 and 2016
Justifying the relative success performance of candidates in 2017, Adenipekun
noted that the percentage WASSCE results for school candidates in 2015 and
2016 were 38.68% and 52.97%, respectively
He said: ”A total of 923,486 (nine hundred and twenty three thousand four
hundred and eighty six) candidates, representing 59.22%, obtained minimum
of credits in five (5) subjects and above, including English Language and
According to him, the results of 214,952 (two hundred and fourteen thousand,
nine hundred and fifty two) candidates, representing 13.79% of the total
candidature for the examination are being withheld in connection with various
reported cases of examination malpractice.
He explained that the cases of examination malpractice are being
investigated, adding that reports of the investigations will be presented to the
appropriate committee of the Council in due course for consideration.
He disclosed that a total of 1,559,162 (One Million Five Hundred and Fifty
Nine Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Two) candidates sat the examination.
He said: ”Out of the total number of candidates that sat the examination,
1,471,151 (One Million Four Hundred and Seventy One Thousand One Hundred
and Fifty One) candidates, representing 94.36% have their results fully
processed and released, while 95,734 (ninety five thousand seven hundred
and thirty four) candidates, representing 5.64% have a few of their subjects
still being processed due to errors traceable to the candidates in the course
of registration or writing the examination. Such errors are being corrected by
the Council to enable the affected candidates get their results fully processed
and released subsequently.
In the analysis of the results, he said: ”Of the total number of candidates that
sat the examination,
1,490,356 (one million four hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and
fifty six) candidates, representing 95.59% obtained credits and above in two
(2) subjects.
”1,436,024 (one million four hundred and thirty six thousand twenty four)
candidates, representing 92.44% obtained credits and above in three (3)
”1,357,193 (one million three hundred and fifty seven thousand one hundred
and ninety three) candidates, representing 87.05% obtained credits and above
in four (4) subjects.
”1,243,772 (one million two hundred and forty three thousand seven hundred
and seventy two) candidates, representing 79.77% obtained credits and above
in five (5) subjects.
”1,084,214 (one million eighty four thousand two hundred and fourteen)
candidates, representing 69.54% obtained credits and above in six (6)
He urged candidates who sat the examination to check details of their
performance on the Council’s results website: www.waecdirect.org within
the next few hours. ”The result checker PIN and Serial Number are contained
on the flip side of the candidates’ CIVAMPENS Card issued to all candidates
by WAEC, and used by them during the conduct of the examination,” he

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