Protesters in Paris rally against Israeli PM’s visit

Protesters in the French capital have criticised
President Emmanuel Macron for inviting Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Paris,
condemning the Israeli settlement policy and the
blockade of Gaza.
Olivia Zemor, president of the EuroPalestine
association, told the AP news agency on Saturday
that “rolling out the red carpet” to someone she
said violated international conventions did not
send the right signal and was “embarrassing”.

“We called for this protest, we protest Emmanuel
Macron’s invitation to Netanyahu and his rolling
out of the red carpet to a criminal, a torturer – the
torture of men and children exists – a land thief, to
someone who does not respect international law
and human rights, which is embarrassing,” she
Yassine Blicqy, 19-year-old protester from
Valenciennes, said: “I hope that France, in the next
few years or even decades, will choose justice and
will side with the oppressed peoples because that’s
what France is about. It’s not oppression, it’s
freedom and human rights, it’s diversity and
equality, and we must give an example.”
Macron invited Netanyahu to take part in a
commemoration on Sunday of a mass deportation
of French Jews to Nazi camps 75 years ago.
The event commemorates one of the most
shameful moments of French collaboration with
the Nazis.
On July 16-17, 1942, French police rounded up
about 13,000 Jews, including about 4,000 children,
around Paris and herded them into the Vel d’Hiv
cycling stadium before they were sent to camps.
Fewer than 100 survived.

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