Pictures shown are long time pictures we need a new one to convince Nigerians – Fayose

“The claim of the Acting president is not true and it’s far from
the truth, the presidents sickness is major.” The quoted
statement was directly made by the governor of Ekiti state, Mr
Ayodele Fayose who debunked the earlier report made by the
Acting president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo that thus ‘the president of
the federal republic of Nigeria is recuperating very fast and will
soon be back’.
He equally pointed that “The pictures shown are long time
pictures taken for a very long time, we need a new pictures and
a short video clip to convince Nigerians that our president is in
a good shape.”
Recall that Prof. Yemi Osinbajo left Abuja to London to see
president Buhari, speak with him for an hour about
development, other things and have a long conversation which
he stated that Buhari still retains his humor.

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