[WORD OF ADVISE] Time is money spend your time wisely

Time is money!

-forget about yesterday, but you need to make use of it to create your tomorrow

-yesterday had been stamped, but you can make use of today

-loosing or wasting a seconds can make you regret for many years

-think not that “nothing is impossible” but you can’t backward TIME, Spend it wisely

-think and create your TODAY because you don’t know what tomorrow will say

-mistake isn’t a sin, but a great lesson

-your TODAY will appear in your future(maintain your today)

-a journey of ONE THOUSAND MILES start from a step

-miracle happen in 0.09% out of 100% human being on earth(don’t depends on miracle or magic)

-Nigeria is regretting TODAY because they don’t think about TODAY, but always lay complain about past(yesterday)

-before you can have tomorrow, you have to think deep about TODAY

-isn’t over yet, if you can work on your TODAY to determine your TOMORROW and learn from your past(YESTERDAY)

-isn’t your fault to be born POOR, but to die POOR was made by you

-think deeply TODAY and start working on it.


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